After Rebounding as Expected some Volatility Finally Returns

After 6 Months of doing pretty much nothing some Volatility in the S&P 500 Finally Returns. *yawn*
You will see from the recent Archetype Matches that the path of least resistance for the next few weeks is upward or sideways if historical probability patterns hold true.


Two Close Archetype Matches to the Start of 2016


Projections suggest the S&P 500 may be confined to a channel of a couple percent over the next 10 days.


At last a little excitement after grinding sideways for most of 2015

But will this time be different?


S&P Archetype Matches for the Last 3 Weeks of October

Not surprised by the slow grind higher judging from recent dips, the last projections we posted slightly favored a rise but this time though it appears upside is probably limited to a couple percent.


Rounded Top? Probably not, they never make it that easy

The VIX has been crushed, the price of insurance has plunged, the economy is roaring and fear is just a distant memory it seems. Now is a good time to plug in a fresh three weeks of closing S&P data points for some analysis. As you can see below, most of the projections are up or sideways except for notable matches to 2014 pre-correction and 2007 pre-meltdown.



A Lot of Down, A Little Up, The only certainty is Theta Burn

Strong tail winds ran into stronger head winds while the death cross killed the black Swan which was the eaten by the hamster at the Fed.


Is it safe yet?

A month has passed since we compared the S&P 500 drop to the two similar periods from 15 years ago, here is where the market is right now relative to the long term projections posted in August. So far the trend has been pointing down and considerable resistance has been built to the upside due to not being able to reclaim the long term moving averages. There is plenty of room for false breaks in either direction and it is entirely possible that volatility will dry up and it will drift around in this new channel for a couple weeks (boring).



S&P Resumes Dive

The green line plotted below is the path SPY has taken in the last few days relative to the two archetype projections we have identified previously, interestingly it is following roughly in the same path as it did during those periods 15 years ago.



S&P 500 gets the Technical Bounce most Traders were expecting

Here is an update to the original two matches and projections with the green line showing roughly the path SPY has taken the last couple of days. I wouldn’t be surprised if many take the bounce as an opportunity to exit just like what you see happened 15 years ago in the projection plot.